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Industrial Pivot

Industrial pivots are found in mechanical systems that enables rotational movement between two sections. These are used in a variety of products, including industrial machinery, automobile parts, and aerospace hardware. Industrial pivots sustain enormous loads and continuous use.

Metal Pins

Metal pins stop the side stand from falling into mud or other soft ground and toppling the bike. These are used to join two or more things together. Metal pins have threads along the length of it. Metal pins are composed of metal, such as steel or aluminium.

CNC Door Roller

MS CNC door roller is a small, wheel-like device that is mounted on the bottom of a sliding door in order to aid in the door's smooth movement along a track. It is also known as a sliding door roller or a door sliding roller.

Hex Adapter

Hex adapters are widely used in the automotive and mechanical industries, where various sizes of bolts and nuts are regularly employed. They have a little metal piece with a hexagonal hole on one end and a hexagonal protrusion on the other.

Machined Bolt

Machined bolts are available in a range of sizes, thread types, and head shapes, and are frequently constructed from materials including steel, stainless steel, brass, or titanium. These are made to offer a durable and secure connection between two pieces.

Industrial Fasteners

Industrial fasteners have a round end and are typically used to secure objects to a surface. These are found in applications where frequent adjustments or maintenance are necessary, including in the electronics, equipment, and automotive industries.

Metal Shaft

Metal shafts are appreciated in numerous industries, including the automotive, aerospace, building, and manufacturing ones. These are cylindrical piece of metal that serves as a structural element in a variety of applications. Metal shafts are usually made from steel, aluminium, or titanium.

Metal Bush

Metal bushes are employed in a range of industrial applications like automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. These are useful in increasing the effectiveness and dependability of mechanical systems. Metal bushes are utilized for providing a bearing surface between two moving pieces.